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How to Download PornHub Videos online in 3 Steps
Step 1 View & search a video
While viewing videos on you got some videos which you actually wanted to download. just copy the url of that page which contain the video.
Step 2 Paste the video URL
Paste the video URL into the input field and click "Download" button to start the downloading process.
Step 3 Download and save PornHub video file

When the video information is loaded, you can choose to download videos in 480P or in HD. Downloading 480P videos is completely free and online. To download PornHub videos in high quality with faster speed and higher success rate, you will need to download our desktop software at first.

To save the PornHub videos onto your smartphone, touch the 'Download 480P' button, hold until the menu appears and choose 'Download Link' . To save videos onto desktop, just right-click the 'Download 480p' button and choose 'Save link as...' or 'Download link as...' option.

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