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Paste the HTML Source Code from the Pornhub Video Page:
Pornhub video download is restricted by specific countries and regions and IP. To download PornHub video, you need to copy the HTML source code of the page and paste it into the input box below (See How):
Step 1: Add "view-source:" before the PornHub video link, then press"enter", for example: view-source: view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fb275587ec61
Step 2: When the source code loaded. Select the complete code (Ctrl + A or right-click choose "Select All") and copy the code (Ctrl + C or right mouse button "Copy"). Then paste the code (Ctrl + V or right mouse button "Paste") into the following field:
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How to Download Videos from PornHub Online in 3 Steps
Step 1 Copy the source code of the video page
When watching a video on, you actually have to download some PornHub videos. Just copy the source code of the video page. You can add “view-source:” before the PornHub video link to open the source page, for example: view-source: view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fb275587ec61
Step 2 Paste all source code to Alltube
Paste all the code into the second text field above and click the download button
Step 3 Step 3 Download PornHub and save the video file
When the video information is loaded, you can choose to download videos in 480P, 720P or HD 1080P. Downloading HD PornHub videos is completely free.
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